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    I was so lucky to grow up in the ‘90s. It was the revolution, it really was. There’s such a fucking plethora of amazing music to pick from, from Hole to Bikini Kill to L7 to Babes in Toyland to Elastica. There was Kim Gordon. There were so many women. It was just such an awesome time. I really hope that happens again. I think it’s been a good twenty years, so, usually things go in cycles. I’m hoping that maybe in the mainstream, female-driven rock ‘n roll or just rock ‘n roll in general kind of gets its place again. You know? It’s been dominated by dance music and I agree with Shirley Manson actually, she says it’s because of 9/11. And that’s absolutely where things kind of changed. We all got very PC and didn’t want to rock the boat and just wanted to hear meaningless fluff, I guess.
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.. if you would help someone who was raped. And that you don’t care what gender the Person is. You would help no matter what.

[I want to show someone that humanity exist. She think all people just think about themself and don’t care what happens to other… for me this topic is important!]


*does 2 math problems* time for a well deserved 3 hour nap

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Artist: The Crystal Method
Track: Keep Hope Alive
Album: Vegas
    I gave you things I wasn’t sure I even had.
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